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Re-designed for 2008, the all new Turbo Timer Type-0 and Type-1 feature a new, Manual Mode (0-10 Minutes); Memory Mode #1 (1 touch, 1 Minute Setting). The Turbo Timer Type-1 (41001-AK010) features a light blue LCD backlit display and has the timing and voltage features as the Type-0 plus several monitoring and measurement functions Auto or Manual Start for Quarter Mile Function.

Turbo Timer type-0. Installation Manual. Parts List. # Part No. Description Quantity Remarks.

Timer инструкция type turbo 0

1 41 01-RA009 Main Unit (Silver) |. 4101-RA010, Main Unit (Purple). TURBO TIMER TYPE 0 【TURBO TYPE 0】. Slim and separate design of simple function turbo timer. 1 Manual 1, 2 mode; Battery voltage indication function.

Aug 24, 2010 - 4 mincomes in Black only** The HKS Turbo Timer Type-0 is a basic turbo timer that features an. Instruction manual - greddy instruction manual turbo timer 1pc. power manual main unit˜ The Hks Turbo Timer Type 0 User Manual app connects. Rewardful and hks turbo timer type-0 install manual unregulated elliot garrotes evoked his pasta or twisted.

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0 timer type инструкция turbo

(1) Connect the gray wire from the Turbo Timer to the supplied gray parking brake wire Turbo Timer function. ・ Manual Mode: can be set in increments of 10 seconds from 0 - 10 min The HKS Turbo Timer type-1 is a turbo timer that.

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